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Store Persons

Opportunities available on a 28-day rotating shift – equal on/off – afternoons - Gloucester Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham

Applications are invited from experienced Store persons to join the SAS family and be responsible for the control and usage of all specialist engineering tools, control and replacement of unserviceable tooling.  General maintenance duties, driving and additional support tasks are included within this vital hangar role. All work to be in accordance with Company policies and procedures.

The Duties and Responsibilities of this role are:

  • Tools Store – control of usage and calibration of all company engineering tools
  • Goods In/Out – provide a point of contact and organise the receipt and dispatch of parts, tooling and services to field location.
  • Hangar Husbandry – Assist with emptying hangar bins, Check the Metal and General Waste Skips and POL Storage area condition and general cleanliness.
  • Assist in the tooling requirements, maintenance and cleanliness of ground support equipment
  • Be a point of contact for external companies with reference to the job role
  • Assist Facilities personnel with jobs that require more than one person
  • Have oversight of Hangar 2 paying attention to Fire Exits and general cleanliness.
  • Carpentry, painting and other general maintenance work at a level appropriate with the skills and proficiency of the jobholder.
  • Utilising Company or hired vehicles, provide driving services for collection/delivery of spares, personnel, mail and banking.
  • Routine husbandry/cleanliness of designated vans and pool vehicles to include Vans Mileages & Oil Checks.
  • To assist in emergency cleaning and housekeeping services for spillages etc. within the hangars or offices
  • To have oversight of the Hangar fire exits for security and serviceability.
  • Office equipment removals and other support tasks.
  • You may on occasion be required to carry out duties of a different nature either in addition to, or instead of, your normal duties.  You will not be assigned duties or asked to perform services which it is believed are unreasonable or you cannot reasonably perform, or which are inconsistent with the position you hold.
  • Undertaking duties in accordance with the SAS culture, safety policy and appropriate procedures.



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